Case study 2017: Inland shipping of frozen fries to Antwerp

    Remant Cool Logistics, pioneer in short-distance Reefer transport by barge.

    Remant Cool Logistics has succeeded in loading a barge to capacity with 40 ft HC Reefers from Hamburg Süd. The first shipment of frozen fries arrived in the Port of Antwerp by barge at the end of November. This shipment involved loading 24 empty high-cube 40 ft Reefer containers at wharf 234 of the Belgian New Fruit Wharf in the Port of Antwerp and shipping them to Wielsbeke. Remant Cool Logistics’ aim was to persuade shipping companies that there is no reason to ship empty containers from France to Antwerp only to transport them on to Wielsbeke. In addition, this new set-up saves up to one million kilometres of transport by road annually, reducing our ecological footprint substantially. Remant was supported in the project by POM West Flanders.

    “We tested this flow for 6 months at our own risk behind the scenes and this first shipment is the reward. We definitely want to make it a regular connection. This was a dedicated lading of Hamburg Süd Reefers, but we want to persuade other ‘Reefer-focused’ shipping companies to come on board”, says Peter Van den Broeck, director of Remant Cool Logistics.

    Thanks to this inland connection between Wielsbeke and Antwerp we expect to be able to ship 4000 Reefer containers per year, reducing the number of truck journeys in and around the Port of Antwerp by 8000.

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