Optimisation of container loading

    Why use slip sheets instead of pallets?

    We offer this service to our clients who want to optimize the usage of the height in the reefer container.

    This may apply when products are delivered on pallets in a trailer truck from other parts of Europe. These products are often packed too high to fit in a reefer container for its final shipping oversees.

    The pallets in the video are delivered to a cold store with height 2m55. This is too high to stuff in the reefer container as the red line is already at 2m44. Instead of obligating our clients to load one layer of boxes less, we ask them to put a slip sheet between the pallets and the cartons.

    After the pallet (=10 cm high) is removed with special machinery, the goods are loaded with the slip sheets in the reefer container. An extra layer of boxes can be stacked. In this way, we use the maximum height without crossing the red line in the reefer container.

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