Transport Architect

    “After my first job in logistics coordination and sales, Randstad offered me the opportunity to follow the Portilog ‘Shipping & Logistics’ training programme. Remant then invited me to interview with them. I joined Remant Cool Logistics as a Transport Architect during the coronavirus pandemic. As a result, most of my colleagues were working from home. But they were always on hand to help me and give me pointers as part of my onboarding. I was given a chance at this challenging job, which comes with a lot of responsibility, and I really like it. I can feel that Remant believes in me and my colleagues.

    Thanks to the flexible working hours, you can maintain a good balance between work and your private life. On Friday afternoons, we have a drink with the team so we can catch up with each other. Our offices are located in Antwerp’s Eilandje, which is a very vibrant neighbourhood. The combination of all these ingredients means the atmosphere is really good. As you can see, I’ve found all that I needed for a great career here.”

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