Efficient reuse reefer containers means fewer lorries on the road

    Cooperation and open communication lead to sustainable approach

    Remant Cool Logistics, a specialist in international conditioned food transport, assumes the coordination of reusing reefer containers with import cargo for export.

    For client Agristo, Remant Cool Logistics ensures that products like French fries are delivered to international customers. The optimisation solution found for Agristo: reusing reefer containers immediately upon delivery so as to prevent them from being transported empty by road. This can be achieved due to cooperation with shipping company Hapag-Lloyd, stevedore company Stukwerkers Gent, and carrier LDH-Trans.

    A multimodal and sustainable alternative

    Peter van den Broeck, director of Remant Cool Logistics: 'In early November 2020, a first batch of empty reefer containers was used immediately after import cargo had been released in Ghent, to be loaded locally with Agristo goods for export. Inland vessels took these reefer containers from the inland terminal in Ghent to the export port in Antwerp, where the containers were transshipped onto sea-going vessels, ready for the long voyage overseas.

    By reusing the reefer containers efficiently, we reduced the number of kilometres of transport by road. In this first test, the reduction was almost 1,000 km. It is a win-win strategy for all parties involved. Cooperation on the basis of open communication is rewarded. This first test is the basis for developing the process into a structural and sustainable alternative for 100% road transport.’

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